Ανδρολογικό εργαστήριο Ζεγκινιάδου οδηγίες πριν από το σπερμοδιάγραμμα

Instructions Before The Semen Analysis

Before collecting a semen sample, certain conditions must be met in order for the result to be clinically relevant.

  • There should be 3-7 days of sexual abstinence.
  • The collection of the sample should take place in a special area of ​​the laboratory or in a familiar space of the examinee, provided that the sample arrives at the laboratory within one hour. The sample must be kept warm until it reaches the lab. (The collection of the sample, 2008)
  • Care should be taken when collecting of the sample. It is important to collect the whole volume of the ejaculate, especially the first fraction.
  •  Fever and the use of drugs need special attention, as they can adversely affect sperm quality. In cases where the patient has fever, or the collection of the sample was not done correctly, it is better to postpone the examination to another date.


Sperm are created in the testes and stored in the epididymis. During ejaculation, the sperm will leave the epididymis and join the prostate and seminal vesicle fluids in the sperm collection vessel. The time of sexual abstinence ensures that the epididymis is “full” of spermatozoa and the sample will give us the best possible picture!

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